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BEHEMOTHBig Electric Human-Energized Machine, Only Too Heavy
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Behemoth tells the story of giant industrial factories and the towns that emerged with them such as Lowell, Magnitorgorsk, and Foxconn, among a number of others.
Nergal noted that this genre of music is underground and the nature of the music doesn't change even if 100,000 people turnup for a Behemoth concert.
Wednesday last week Bulgaria announced that the site and the assets of its largest steelmaker Kremikovtzi will be offered for sale in the middle of September, four months after the behemoth was sent into liquidation.
These behemoths of Italian luxury menswear seem to be targeting India with a fairly religious zeal.
German leftist political activist and labor lawyer Neumann was in exile in Washington DC working for the US forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency when he wrote his thorough and controversial argument that German's Nazi regime had neither a consistent ideology nor a coherent structure, but was--like the Behemoth of Jewish mythology--a chaotic, lawless, and amorphous monster.
BEIRUT: Real-estate behemoth Solidere on Wednesday denied media rumors that it planned to demolish the Maghen Abraham Synagogue at Wadi Abu Jamil in Beirut's Downtown.
Comic-world behemoth United Features Syndicate struck the deal earlier this year with the creator, Tak Toyoshima, who says the strip is semi-autobiographical but believes it appeals to mass audiences.
The drug behemoth had asked the court to overturn an appeals court ruling earlier this year, which determined that Pfizer's Norvasc patent is invalid.
New American Red Cross CEO and former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson is making moves to put his team in place at the behemoth human service organization.
Chuck Fruit, a senior adviser for Coca-Cola who has served in various roles with the beverage behemoth since 1991, has been elected to the board of media giant Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States.
Caption: The theme for the Young Mortgage Bankers Association (YMBA) October luncheon was "From Boutique to Behemoth: The Resurgence of the Hotel Sector in NYC" and featured Richard Born of BD Hotels, Elif Bali, of Loews Hotels and Joseph Vassallo of Credit Suisse in a lively panel discussion.
So it wasn't surprising that a national debate erupted August 21 when the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce announced a partnership with the international retail behemoth as part of its supplier diversity initiative.