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BEIABritish Eagle International Airlines (UK)
BEIABefore Exceptional Items and Amortization (financial management)
BEIABulgarian Export Insurance Agency
BEIABiomedical and Environmental Information Analysis
BEIABloomfield Estates Improvement Association (Michigan)
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BEIA proposed in [14]: The throughput is averaged over 10 groups of {[d.sup.a/2.sub.ij] [H.sub.ij], [for all]i, j} and at each channel group the precoding and interference subspace matrices are designed by 5000 iterations aiming at minimizing sum interference power leakage as the constrained optimization problem (5) in [14].
Beia, 39, and Dean Langley, 20, were found guilty of the same charge by a jury after denying their involvement.
Beia has a previous conviction for false accounting, Banda for conspiracy to rob and Langley for charges of robbery, supplying a class-A drug and possessing a gun-shaped lighter.
Mr Oldland said that Beia and Banda were the "controlling minds" behind the operation while Matos was a courier and Langley was recruited to distribute the drugs.
Louisa Maria and her family live in a district called Beia Peia two where 99% of the homes don't have a toilet.
She will be sentenced on Friday alongside Beia, Langley and another member of the smuggling gang, Abdul Banda, 34, who also admitted his part in the conspiracy.
Two other men - Matos's boyfriend Raul Beia and Dean Langley - are currently on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court, accused of taking part in the plot.
Il est l'un des signataires de l'acte de renouvellement de la Beia (Allegeance) par les habitants d'Oued Eddahab.
Today, Helena, husband Antonio Macanige and their 10 children live in a two-bedroom cyclone-resistant home in Beia Peia in Machanga, Mozambique - which Trocaire and its partner AJOAGO have helped build.