BEIFBorder Environment Infrastructure Fund (Environmental Protection Agency)
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All carbon and oxygen isotope measurements were made at BEIF, and the Sr isotope measurements were done at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, except those indicated ([section]) that were done at Keck Isotope Geochemistry Lab, Cornell University.
(32) La realizacion de la IV Conferencia Mundial sobre la Mujer en Beif ng, en 1995, marca un momento muy importante en la luchapoliticade los movimientos de mujeres, porque puso en escena, en el nivel intemacional, la injusta distribucion del poder en razon del genero sexual.
The NADBank also administers the Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF) with funds directly from the EPA's Border Fund.
I think things are just fine as they are now and, as ALL clubs adopt this practice of 'tapping up', then leave it beIf another newspaper courted my services, I would want to see what they were offering.
It is unclear what his position would beif two,or even three, permanent members combined to block the resolution, tabledjointly by theUS,UK and Spain.