BEKPBleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
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The Commission investigated concerns that the proposed acquisition would significantly reduce the level of competition in the market for the manufacture and supply of wood pulp, in particular BEKP. In particular, the merged entity would combine the two largest producers worldwide, three to four times larger than the next competitor.
Furthermore, Fibria had an offtake agreement since 2016 with Klabin S.A, another major Brazilian producer of BEKP. On the basis of this agreement, Fibria acted as an exclusive sales agent for all sales of BEKP produced by Klabin outside of South America.
the transfer of all assets and personnel necessary to allow Klabin to independently sell BEKP in the European Economic Area (EEA), including: (1) storage capacity in the destination ports in the EEA, (2) shipping contracts and access to ports during a transitional period; (3) customers, credit history and other records; and (4) technical support and assistance during a transitional period.
The aim of this exploratory study was to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with BEKP supplied from eucalyptus plantations in south China, using LCA as an analytical tool.
This study aimed to analyze and quantify the environmental impacts associated with the production of BEKP in China, which is supplied by large-scale eucalyptus plantations.
In order to make the results of this study comparable to existing international studies, 1 air-dried ton (ADT) of BEKP with 10 percent moisture content ready at the pulp mill gate was defined as the functional unit.
The move will result in an additional 12 to 18 vessels and approximately 300,000 metric tons of BEKP shipped annually to the Port of Philadelphia.