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BELABangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
BELABering Land Bridge National Preserve (US National Park Service)
BELABasic Expedition Leaders Award (UK)
BELABasic Education Literacy Authority (Pakistan)
BELABoston E-Learning Association (est. 2001; Boston, MA)
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Bela Tiffany; and I rejoiced at the oddity of the name, because it gave his image and character a sort of individuality in my conception.
Kim asked the photo of Gerald: 'Kamusta ka?' then Bela sang, 'Bakit labis kitang mahal...'
I live by myself, but I've retained the values I learned from her,' Bela told reporters over lunch hosted by Spring Films, producer of Irene Villamor's latest romantic film, 'Meet Me in St.
An infant named Tehmeena died and 11 other including her family members injured in a result of roof collapse in Darar Goth area of Bela after a powerful earthquake hit Bela and Uthal on Wednesday morning.
Testament to their newfound friendship is Bela's appearance on Marian's eponymous dance show together with the actress-model Sam Pinto, who incidentally also had a past issue with Marian.
In June, Bela and her mother were taken from their home and sent to Theresienstadt, a concentration camp 50 miles outside of Prague.
And in tomorrow night's Fair City Yvonne breaks Bela's heart when she reveals that she has given up her child for adoption in Australia.
The theater-actor-turned-movie-star said he is now more comfortable with Bela in their upcoming movie.
Ordinarily, we would see Bela's credit in a TV-film production as a performer, but she's gone 'behind the camera' this time around, and has passed muster in her new line of work, as well-good for her!
The Albanian issue should simply be solved by turning the country into cantonal," said Bela. He did not exclude the possibility other Albanian parties to join.
'The next one won't be as light as 'Last Night,'' Bela disclosed.