BELACBuffalo Equine and Large Animal Clinic (Buffalo, MN)
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Chromalloy, Pakistan International Airlines Chromalloy announced a contract with Pakistan International Airlines under which it will provide six sets of BELAC high-pressure turbine blades as well as component repairs for its CFM56-3 and CF6-80C2 engines and a two-year contract with Air India under which it will perform MRO on PW4000, CF6-80C2 and CFM56-7B engines and APUs.
The main purpose of the project is to carry out individual heating works, such as, in particular: - (re) placing of individual boilers or natural gas heaters, - various interventions on gas installations, - re- Control elements, - safety and compliance of gas installations and, in addition, supply of gas cookers, - obtaining certificates of conformity of gas installations carried out by a BELAC accredited body, - placing Of radiators or convectors, - supply of heating materials to the contractor for laying and installation work in the framework of hourly works.