BELDBraintree Electric Light Department (Massachusetts)
BELDBiogenic Emissions Landuse Database (US EPA)
BELDBattlefield Environment Laser Designator
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He was looking at her fondly, and his strong hand beld hers in its grasp.
van de Beld said this will be made possible due to the integration of a boiler and the use of bio-oil rather than solid biomass.
"Bol also has a high service level," says van den Beld. "They work together with big shops to arrange pickup points, for example.
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Beld, a former Grand Rapids journalist, wrote nearly 300 historical features for newspapers and magazines.
Braintree Electric Light Department / BELD Broadband
Note that while joint (residential) custody often means roughly equal time, perspectives vary on what constitutes joint custody; some describe situations in which the second parent has more residential time than is standard for visitation as "joint custody." Jo Michelle Beld & Len Biernat, Federal Intent for State Child Support Guidelines: Income Shares, Cost Shares, and the Realities of Shared Parenting, 37 Fam.
Promodo is a regular contributor to popular online marketing resources (,, etc.) and is organizer of large international conferences in Ukraine with such keynote speakers as Bas van den Beld (StateofDigital), Kristian MarHauksson (Nordic eMarketing), Jose Truchado (Expedia), Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics) and many others.
With the exception of Arthurburg Hill, an Early Woodland enclosure (Garland and Beld 1999), the South Flats dates comfortably fit with dates for Late Prehistoric enclosures (Howey 2012).
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Beld and Ariens (13) (1974) succeeded in solubilizing a stereo-specific binding activity with [[sup.3]H](+)-benzetimide (another radiolabeled ligand for muscarinic receptors) from bovine smooth muscle and caudate nucleus using digitonin, which had been used for the extraction of visual pigments from suspensions of rod cells.