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Wartawan yang hadir mungkin tidak memahami maksud penggunaan istilah 'wazaratul Tanfiz' dan 'wazaratul tafwid' yang digunakan oleh presiden atau sengaja memutar belit demi hasrat melaga-lagakan orang ramai.
The army conducted operations in Ma'ar Belit town in the countryside of Ariha and killed 22 armed rebels.
The Seasonal Pattern in the Ugaritic Myth of Belit according to the Version of Ilimilku (Neukirchen: Neukirchner Verlag, 1971), 166-67; B.
Which is what m people in her social political circles beliT h ey think impossible for a c to truly achieve witpaying for the priviAnd that it's fine t They think it's impossible for a child to truly achieve without paying for the privilege.
"I think it's safe to say the economy is in trouble and that's having a direct effect on who we see coming in," said Belit Stockfleth, Oregon's food stamp program manager.
Her counterparts in the ancient world included Ishtar in Babylon, Assyria's Belit, Astarte and Asherah in Canaan, the Ugaritic Anat, Magna Mater in Phrygia, both Venus and Juno in Rome, Aphrodite or Hera in Greece, and more.
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