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BELLCOREBell Communications Research
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Bellcore and other organizations have developed alternative strategies to circumvent the problem.
Dorros said Bellcore also anticipates providing Carnegie Mellon with funding for specific research projects under a separate agreement.
ATI is open only to employees of Bellcore and its client companies.
Bellcore accepted Carnegie Melon's proposal, in part, because of the university's record of encouraging research in areas that cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines, and because of its academic strength in each of the critical areas of study.
It has successfully completed protocol certification testing at Nortel with DMS 100 switches, and expects Bellcore, Lucent and Siemens certifications shortly.
formerly Bellcore, announced today that Telcordia and Cisco Systems, Inc.
Telcordia Technologies, formerly Bellcore, is an SAIC company providing software, engineering, consulting and training services to optimize the performance of communication networks worldwide.
formerly Bellcore, today announced that Telcordia has been accepted into the Nortel Networks Business Partner Program.
Ameritech, Bellcore, BCE Emergis and TimeStep take lead in supporting
The seminars, conducted in cooperation with ANX service partners Bellcore - the ANX Overseer, Ameritech and BCE Emergis will be held March 15 and 24, 1999, through the TimeStep Web site (www.
We're proud to be associated with Bellcore, Ameritech, and BCE Emergis in conducting these seminars and proud to be part of the ANX service experience.