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BELLCOREBell Communications Research
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The NEBS quality certification, which is awarded to network equipment after a range of tests, is a standard from Bellcore meant to assure customers that the certified products will operate reliably and properly, not negatively affect other service providing equipment and not cause harm to the environment or personnel.
The LIGHTRAY MPX array connector is hatched in accordance with Bellcore GR-1435-CORE generic requirements for connectors.
The unique 12-volt TVS provides extremely high protection, meeting Bellcore, ITU, and IEC standards for ADSL, HDSL, RS-232, RS-423, RS-422 and V.90 interfaces.
All of these 2.5Gb/s ICs operate at 3.3V and meet Bellcore's jitter performance requirements.
Dual EMI filters, incorporating low profile and edge-to-edge designs, meet the stringent filtration performance and flammability requirements of CE, Bellcore and UL.
Telcordia - the former Bellcore research division of the Bell telephone companies - says the deal will extend the use of Corba and Java in the telecommunications sector.
George Heilmeier is chairman emeritus of Morristown, NJ-based Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), a provider of telecommunications software and professional services with over $1 billion in revenues.
Student fees are being subsidized by contributions from AT&T Labs, Bell Labs, Bellcore, IBM, and ACM's SIGACT, SIGARCH, SIGMETRICS, and SIGPLAN.
The standards supported include ITU (International Telecommunications Union) CS1 (Q.1213 and Q.1214), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), INAP (Intelligent Network Applications Platform), and AIN 0.1 (Bellcore Advanced Intelligent Network) specifications.
After completing summer internships at Lincoln Research Lab of MIT, MSU and Bellcore, Dmitri turned down several attractive job offers in favor of pursuing a Ph.D.
The AXR 500 system is based on the industry standard Bellcore GR-2837 "ATM Virtual Path Ring Functionality in SONET." This standard defines how ATM cells can be mapped into SONET rings.
Charles Weschler of BellCore Laboratories suggested that the exchange rate of ozone might be too rapid to be truly effective, arguing that at low concentrations, ozone does not react with the majority of indoor pollutants fast enough to compete with typical ventilation rates.