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BELLESBeyond Endorsed Lipid Lowering with EBCT (Electron Beam Computer Tomography) Scanning
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With the thought of a woman in his mind he walked out of the street and went toward the house where Belle Carpenter lived.
When George got to Belle Carpenter's house there had already been a visitor there before him.
When her lover had departed Belle went indoors and ran hurriedly upstairs.
For an hour Belle Carpenter and the young re- porter walked about under the trees in the sweet night air.
Suddenly he decided that Belle Carpenter was about to surrender herself to him.
He hated Belle Carpenter and was sure that all his life he would continue to hate her.
Of course we meant the young man," exclaimed Miss Belle, laughing.
It's evident Daisy isn't out yet," said Miss Clara to Belle with a nod.
Quite a pastoral state of innocence all round," returned Miss Belle with a shrug.
She did not finish her speech, for Belle shook her head at her and broke in, saying kindly.
I shan't let anyone see you till you are done, and then we'll burst upon them like Cinderella and her godmother going to the ball," said Belle in her persuasive tone.
On the Thursday evening, Belle shut herself up with her maid, and between them they turned Meg into a fine lady.