BELNETBelgian National Research Network for Education, Research and Public Services
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The 1696 ROADM solution will use its Wavelength Tracker functionality and multi-degree ROADM technology will enable BELNET to maximise network efficiency and operational costs savings.
The new BELNET research network is designed to ensure we continue to meet customer demand for bandwidth-intensive, mission-critical services, which enable numerous national and international research and academic projects to flourish," said Jan Torreele, CTO at BELNET.
BELNET plans to deploy the T1600s throughout its core network and M120s at access points of presence throughout Belgium.
The Belgian academic and research communities and governmental agencies served by BELNET rely on high-performance networking for the rapid exchange of ideas and information," said Gert-Jan Schenk, senior vice president of operations for EMEA, Juniper Networks.
With the Juniper Networks routing platforms we have truly transformed our network," said Pierre Bruyere, Director at BELNET.
With the Juniper Networks routing platforms in place, BELNET ensures that the needs of its research and education customers are properly addressed and that this community can continue to rely on the services BELNET provides.
BELNET supports more than 150 R&E institutions and is connected with major international R&E networks such as Internet2, Canarie, and Abilene through a direct connection into Dante's Geant network.
Our IP network showcases new networking concepts and supports advanced Internet applications like streaming, videoconferences and tele-teaching," said Pierre Bruyere, chief executive officer of BELNET.
We are working with innovative operators such as BELNET to create IP core networks that cost-effectively support the proliferation of high-quality broadband services and prove they are profitable to our customers and valuable to the end users.
BELNET operates the Belgian national network dedicated to education, research institutes and public services.
Combining Telindus networking expertise and services (design, project management, installation and maintenance) and Cisco technologies to build the network allows BELNET to be prepared for the future," said Marc Colson, of Cisco's Government team in Belgium.
BELNET is the national research network of Belgium that provides Internet access to universities, schools, colleges, research institutes and agencies of the federal administration.