BELRFBradley Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder
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Part Recoverability Item NSN Number Code TOW II basic sight 5855-01-217-2353 13160758 D assembly (BSA) Hybrid BSA 5855-01-389-8884 13265516 D TOW II periscope 1240-01-256-6913 13225608 D head assembly Bradley eyesafe laser 1240-01-463-4581 13225608-1 D rangefinder (BELRF) periscope head assembly TOW II integrated 1240-01-216-6331 13160659 A sight unit (ISU) BELRF ISU 1240-01-425-5164 13492497 D
The precise data provided by the BELRF will increase survivability and effectiveness by allowing gunners to engage targets at the maximum range of the TOW missile.