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"I've lost my Magic Belt. A little girl named Dorothy, who was here with Ozma of Oz, stole my Belt and carried it away with her," said the King, grinding his teeth with rage.
Half my power is gone with that Belt!" roared the King.
The Herd-boy returned to his sheep, and took off the invisible belt which he hid carefully in his bag.
Her uncle's only answer was to lift her up and unhook the new belt of which she was so proud.
But just before they came to the belt of birch which hid their home, Anne saw a girl who was driving a flock of snow- white geese along the crest of a velvety green hill on the right.
But Menelaus reassured him and said, "Take heart, and do not alarm the people; the arrow has not struck me in a mortal part, for my outer belt of burnished metal first stayed it, and under this my cuirass and the belt of mail which the bronze-smiths made me."
"Where is that Magic Belt?" enquired the Wizard, who had listened with great interest.
"Will you ride in a bubble, or shall I send you and Toto home by means of the Magic Belt?" the Princess asked Dorothy.
The captain was looking at the guineas, and then at the belt, and then at the gentleman's face; and I thought he seemed excited.
Before he pulled up he fastened the belt round him, and with deep delight heard the tip of the sheath click on the thwart.
He stood keeping hold of the hall porter's belt, and gazing into his face.
"Yes, be sure of it; for every time that that confounded belt of mine stuck fast to my back, it always signified a punishment from M.