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ANIMAL FOODS LUNDAYEH ENGLISH COMMON NAME SCIENTIFIC NAME NAME Akep Snails freshwater Unknown species Arem Pangolin Manis javanica Badan Small-toothed palm Arctogalidia trivirgata civet Bakaa Boar Sus barbatus Becuk Pig-tailed macaque Macaca nemestrina Beladan / ebu Turtle Unknown species Belug Stinging hornet / Unknown species Night wasp Berangad Hose's langur / Grey Presbytis hosei leaf monkey Beruang Sun bear Helarctos malayanus Falang alud Banded linsang Prionodon linsang Fugeh Slow loris &/or Nycticebus coucang / Western tarsier?
The West Greenland winter population of belug as, once thought to be the largest winter component of the Canadian High Arctic stock, has experienced a severe decline in the last two decades (Heide-Jorgensen et al., 1993; Heide-Jorgensen and Reeves, 1996) and, in recent years, the numbers migrating past the Upernavik area in the autumn have diminished (HeideJ0rgensen, unpubl.
They look well in Belug a Black Renault Clio Youthful zest with a smudge of style.