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BEMABioerodible Mucoadhesive (drug delivery)
BEMABlack Emergency Managers Association
BEMABath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (Topeka, Kansas)
BEMABakery Equipment Manufacturers Association
BEMABusiness Equipment Manufacturers Association
BEMABandwidth-Efficient Multiple Access
BEMABroward Emergency Management Agency
BEMABig Empty Meeting Area (Dartmouth College)
BEMABase Equipment Maintenance Agreement
BEMABoeing Employees' Martial Arts
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Bema 1, Bema 2, Bema 3, 4 Bema Bema 5, 6 Bema Bema 9, Bema 13, Kusocinskiego 21, Kusocinskiego 22, Kusocinskiego 23, Kusocinskiego 24, Kusocinskiego 26, Kusocinskiego 30, Kusocinskiego30A, Pradzynskiego 1, Pradzynskiego 1A, Pradzynskiego 2, Pradzynskiego 5, Pradzynskiego 7, Sowinskiego 13, Sowinskiego 15, Sport 1, Sport 3, Sport 5, 7 Sports, Sports 9, Struga 57A, Bedding and Wigury4, Wigury 6 Wigury 8 Wigury 10 in terms of installation, construction, electrical and instrumentation.
Five years later, Bema added blown film extrusion to the mix.
The company stated that BEMA Buprenorphine/Naloxone could be considered as an alternative to the only marketed buprenorphine/naloxone product, Suboxone.
Designed by BEMA, the unique and sophisticated wrapping head can achieve very high pre-stretch ratios in the range of 300 to 450 percent that results in high-film savings.
We believe this agreement has the potential to move BEMA projects forward and bring renewed commitment to this delivery system.
Working with a local Russian contractor, Bema will take over management of exploration on the Kupol property.
He commented: "With smaller engineering and manufacturing companies suffering from the economic downturn, and the region's dependence on the aerospace industry which was devastated by the drop in orders since 11 September 2001, BEMA has had the unenviable task of working in one of the hardest hit sectors.
Endo Pharmaceuticals' BEMA Buprenorphine is a transmucosal form of buprenorphine, a partial mu-opiate receptor agonist, which incorporates a bioerodible mucoadhesive (BEMA) technology.
By acting as an umbrella organisation for them, BEMA is able to help by providing access to a range of business services, training opportunities, and legal and regulatory guidance that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive.
Situated at an altitude of about 16,000 ft, the Verde is one of a series of gold porphyry deposits on the Refugio property explored by Vancouver-based Bema since the last quarter 1989.