BEMDBelorussian Military District
BEMDBandlimited Empirical Mode Decomposition
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The maxima and minima set of multiple images are used in the process of coordination in BEMD decomposition.
The maxima and minima in the BEMD decomposition are processed to coordinate the interpolation of the original images X and Y for subsequent operations.
The physical characteristics and trends of the BIMF in this image show a plurality of images obtained after the decomposition of the adaptive BEMD .
3 Coordinating the treatment of the BEMD decomposition
The two images after the BIMF BEMD decomposition are not necessarily the same.
Principle of the multiscale self-coordination of BEMD in image fusion
The BEMD decomposition multiscale for image fusion includes the self-coordination and integration phases.
The basic steps of the multiscale self-coordination of the BEMD algorithm in image fusion are as follows:
1) The images to be fused are X and Y; the process of the BEMD decomposition of the extreme points of the two source images are processed through coordination to determine the number of BIMF components and residues.
2) After BEMD, when the two images to be obtained from the fusion component do not have the same number of BIMFs, the adjacent BIMF component must be reconstructed into a new component m-BIMF, and the common number n must be set, so as to stabilize the two decompositions of the images into a BIMF.
Table 1 shows that, after coordination, the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of multiscale BEMD in image fusion becomes significantly better than that of wavelet image fusion (PSNR = 33.
As shown in Table 1, the PSNR of the multiscale BEMD in image fusion after the coordination algorithm is 38.