BEMEBest Evidence Medical Education
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BEME an opportunity for reflection, a pre-requisite for a good teacher:
Among other strategies suggested by Ramani was the use of BEME, where access to educational research will be made available to faculty members to guide them to the applicability of the recent changes in teaching-learning methodologies.
It is now commonly accepted that high book value of equity to market value of equity (BEME) portfolios outperform low BEME portfolios in stock-price return.
HP has provided the infrastructure as well as business and technology consultancy for BEME.
Features and uses of high fidelity simulation that lead to effective learning: a BEME systematic review.
How can experience in clinical and community settings contribute to early medical education A BEME systematic review.
h) BEME is the ratio of the book value of equity to the market value of equity.
A review of BEME published in 20103 identified thirty one instruments in 79 published studies selected.
Systemic review of the literature on assessment, feedback and physician's clinical performance: BEME Guide No.
Features and uses of high fidelity medical simulations that lead to effective learning: A BEME systematic review.