BEMFBoston Early Music Festival
BEMFBack Electromotive Force
BEMFBiological Electron Microscope Facility (Pacific Biosciences Research Center, University of Hawaii)
BEMFBoise Experimental Music Festival (Idaho)
BEMFBadan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas (Indonesian: Faculty Executive Board; various universities; Indonesia)
BEMFBirmingham Early Music Festival (Birmingham, UK)
BEMFBureau Export de la Musique Française (French: French Music Export Office)
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Director Gilbert Blin opened his show with a nod to the present--keeping with the prologue's premise, a harried stage manager in a BEMF t-shirt takes a vain stab at shaping some order from the chaotic preparations for the spectacle to come.
where V is applied voltage to motor terminals, I is current flows winding of the motor, R is resistor of motor terminals, L is inductance of motor terminals, E is BEMF which produced by the motor.
During high-speed operations, the Back EMF (BEMF) produced by the motor must be below the maximum DC voltage of the drive's power bus.
While an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not, it generates an electromotive force (EMF), monitored by the Castell BEMF unit.
The BLDC sensorless driver monitors the BEMF signals instead of the position detected by Hall sensors to commutate the signal.
The performance characteristics of the trapezoidal- and the sinusoidal-type PMBLDC motor drives which have been fed by hysteresis inverter are windings generated by permanent magnet (PM) poles of the rotor can be simply written as (14) and the BEMF is calculated by (15).
To meet actual requirements, the designers of electrical machines have been tried to reduce the number of slots as much as possible with respect of a proper operation of the servomotor: trapezoidal or sinusoidal waveform for BEMFs and acceptable waveform and value for electromagnetic torque developed to the shaft (ripple and cogging torque reduced) [10].
2.2 Determining the Back Electromagnetical Force (BEMF)
The BEMF unit ensures that motor-driven equipment with a variable run-down time--typically mixers hammer mills and pellet mills--has completely stopped before access is possible.
The Early Music tribe gathers annually, alternating between the Berkeley Music Festival in and around the University of California--Berkeley campus on even years and the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF) on odd-numbered years.
This recording, made in Bremen, Germany, in 2013 is a co-production between BEMF and Radio Bremen.