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However, it would seem unlikely that the Tongi/Dangai people constituted a local group from Tonghi Creek (between the Cann and Bemm Rivers) that was separate from the Karn, given that Robinson recorded details of Bemm River and Cann River people in 1844, and did not mention Dangai.
Her definition of Tinnon mittong as a Maap clan (1994:56; 2000:114) is questionable, as Robinson recorded that this group spoke Thawa, and similar difficulties are inherent in her definition of Bemm mittong, as both Robinson and Howitt record these people as speaking Krauatangalung (Ganai).
Hence, Howitt attributes the strip of land from the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo to Cape Everard to the Krauatangalung, and lists as Krauatangalung the clans Bemm mittung (Bemm River, Sydenham Inlet) and Dura (Orbost).
balbus to the east of the Bemm River catchment, but its historic elevation range in Victoria and southern NSW (approximately 100-1000 m) suggests that it occupied a large thermal gradient.
The survey area incorporated most of the known populations of Yellowwood in Victoria (except for the Snowy River and Bemm River catchments) (Flora Information System, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Viridans Biological Database: accessed May 2005).