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BENCHMARKBenchmarking for Embedded Control And Real-Time Applications
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NEC's superior results in the SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark support the trend of NEC's ability to consistently deliver industry-leading high-performance computing solutions," said Larry Sheffield, senior vice president of Solutions Platform Group at NEC Solutions America.
When you look at measuring against an industry standard benchmark, you take that into your strategic planning effort and create an initiative in the organization, or a set of initiatives within departments," says Barbara Barker, vice president of services delivery at BPM Partners.
He added that Benchmark plans to keep all existing staff and add approximately 20 managers.
The PRIMEPOWER 900 also came out ahead in recent SAP Standard Application Benchmark testing including the following:
One of the principal challenges facing the SPC in building an industry benchmark standard was segmenting the enterprise storage market in order for an I/O profile (or workload) to be selected.
The desire to establish a benchmark can be so great that some companies consider these approaches better than not having any benchmark, in spite of the many limitations.
Using the right benchmark might have saved the client from this unpleasant experience by keeping her satisfied with her more stable fund.
Another way to benchmark output is to track the number of incoming leads or the number of people reached.
This benchmark adds DiffServ classification and marking beyond IPv4 forwarding as required by the NPF benchmark and therefore provides a more real-life environment and further strains network processor capabilities.
That is, the results produced by the benchmark are comparable across configurations, manufacturers, and test runs.
The EEMBC Consumer benchmark suite is a compilation of five separate benchmark kernels that are representative of consumer digital imaging applications.