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BENDBelgian Elise Netted Drivers (car website)
BENDBega Eco-Neighbourhood Developers, Inc. (Australia; est. 2002)
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This is a development of their Wear Back Bend, which is reinforced along the entire length of its outer radius.
When cured wood is bent, it is stressed on the outer or convex side and compressed along the inner or concave side of the bend. This distortion caused by the stress tends to bring the bent piece back to its original shape.
They're contortionists -- performers who can bend their bodies into seemingly impossible positions.
From just a CAD file of a component, the engineer must determine many aspects of the process plan: the tools to be installed on the stage, the precise bend locations, the optimal sequence of bending operations, reuse of tools to minimize change-outs, the correct robot gripper to hold a particular part, the points at which the part should be grasped, the motions that the robot arms should make, and other similar decisions.
Dunn joined West Bend in 2008 as controller and was promoted to assistant vice president - corporate accounting in 2010, and vice president and controller in 2014 before being named vice president - chief financial officer.
We hold the allegations in Abbott's complaint fall within the initial grant of coverage under the "personal and advertising injury liability" provision of the commercial general liability insurance policy West Bend issued to Ixthus.
Interestingly, Tim Cook's company does not consider the bend a sign of defect. 
UMB Healthcare Services and Bend Financial have announced they have partnered to offer a UMB custodial account, benefit card issuer and tier one customer support services on Bend Financial's health savings account solution, launching in October 2018, the company said.
During the bending process, the inside of the bend is thickened by the tension-compression stress and the outside is thinned due to the tension-tension stress, which can be seen in Figure 2.
They must be able to define the bend parameters, including bend origin, angle and radius, while editing the design in 3D.
To carry out the experiment, a 1 m wide bend flume with a 180 degree central bend, which has glass walls supported by steel frames, was designed and constructed in the Hydraulic Laboratory of Persian Gulf University in Iran.