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BENHABoard of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
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In Egypt, our results support increased surveillance of backyard flocks near Benha, Cairo, Dumyat, El Faiyum, Shibin el Kom, and Tanta, where suitability for subtypes H5N1 and H3N2 is predicted to be high.
The authors are grateful to colleagues in Urology Department of University Hospital in Benha, Egypt for their help.
The conference was attended by Fathy Sorour, head of the Egyptian Parliament, Safwat Zahran, president of Benha University, Professor Donald McCabe, founding president of Clemson University's Center for Academic Integrity and professor of management and global business at Rutgers University; Daniel Wueste, director of the Robert J.
Memorandum of understanding between the Egyptian children's hospital of Benha and Tunisia's teaching hospital of la Rabta.
Seven defendants received the death penalty June 30 for killing 13 people in clashes over land in Benha, an agricultural center noted for grapes and oranges north of Cairo.
All the injured were in critical condition and have been moved to hospitals in the Delta town of Benha, where the accident occurred.
On January 29, 2007, Al-Fagr newspaper reported that a new book, entitled Studies of Sects (Dirasaat fi-al-Firak), by Abdel Kader El-Bahrawy, a philosophy professor at Benha University, was offensive to Copts because it claimed they harbored a "grudge" against Muslims.
Both trains were southbound and carrying commuters to Cairo from the Nile Delta towns of Mansoura and Benha.
The trains, both southbound and carrying commuters to Cairo, originated in the Nile Delta towns of Mansoura and Benha.
Four carriages derailed and overturned which closed the lines from the Nile Delta cities of Benha and Mansoura, where the trains originated.
But what is equally shocking - and what makes you want to march into Benha Children's Hospital and shake someone - is that no one told the parents there was anything wrong.
Director of the Nile Center for Media in Benha, Ramadan Arafa, said there was a 35% turnout of voters on the first day of the parliamentary elections with strong participation among women and youths.