BENICBritish Energy NNC (National Nuclear Center) International Consulting (UK)
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Optical coherence tomography for non-invasive ex vivo investigations in dental medicine--a joint group experience (4) [192] Benic et al.
Partnering with Vincent Benic Architects, a firm specializing in historical restoration, Syska Hennessy's lighting design, mechanical and audiovisual engineering teams were able to integrate state-of-the-art technology into a reconstructed interior that looks exactly like the one it replaced--only better.
From left: James Buckley, Danny Laight, Daniel Paul, James Redman, Aaron Badland, Lewis Knights, George Wallis, Nick Ashby and Michael Shirley.; Right picture: Grace Mansfield and Danny Laight.; At the Sidney Stringer prom are, above, from left: Chanelle Henry, Monique Campbell, Amanda Pierce, Rachel Morris, Aiesha Russell, Robyn Tracey, Shireen Khanum, Nusrat Shiekh and Kerry O'Donnel.; Right, from left: Vinay Sahota, Baljit Kaur, Benic Dube, Gurpreet Sandhu, Kishen Parshad, Vivek Rayall, Dhalvir Gheent, Michael Elson, Sanpreet Kaur, Nomir Khan and Luke Warner.; Sidney Stringer pupils having a great time.
"I basically thanked Vinnie for honoring the pool arrangement," said Pat Benic, picture editor for Reuters/America.
14 For the curia ("Vijecnica") see in particular Resetar, 43-48; Benic, 89-105; and Veramenta-Pavisa, 12-16.
The authors thank Kreso Bendelja, Ph.D., Relja Beck, Ph.D., Dragan Brnic, Ph.D., Miroslav Benic, Ph.D., and Alexandra Stolzing, Ph.D.
The project features an inviting, attractive design by the award-winning firm, Vincent Benic Architect, and is slated for completion in fall 2006.
BENIC DUBE, AGED 14 HOME: Lives in Wyken with mum, dad two older brothers and an older sister.
Virgil Adamson Val Kilmer Amy Benic Mira Sorvino Jennie Adamson Kelly McGillis Duncan Allanbrook Steven Weber Dr.
Pat Benic, news picture editor for Reuters America, said that motorcycles are a common form of transportation in Paris, where traffic is particularly bad.