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BENNYBayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, New York (South Jersey slang for rude visitors from NY or North Jersey to the beaches in the summer)
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The store was initially named "KorBen Gifts" after the first syllables of the Alejandro couple, Corit and Benny before they changed it after their children.
There will be opportunity to receive scholarship, which will be granted on merit basis," Benny said.
I am bringing the Benny Gold brand back to its original roots as a personal design project," he writes in a farewell letter posted on his brand's website last Jan.
Dr Chris Parsons, a marine biologist who has been in touch with those monitoring Benny's health, said: "In the long term if this animal starts failing, what they could do is move him or her to an interim facility in one of the sea life centres, then move it to the beluga whale sanctuary.
Following his death from a suspected heart attack, the gym's general manager, Dylan Noble, said: "Benny was a frequent visitor to the gym, well-liked among the staff and members alike and we all extend our deepest sympathy to Benny's family and friends."
Per Australia's ABC News, a Facebook page dedicated to finding Benny accumulated more than 1,000 followers, with some complete strangers being inspired to go look for Benny after seeing the campaign.
"The production that plays here in September is not a celebration of or a tribute to Benny Hill and his life and work - it is an analysis of it and an exploration of how someone, whose career burned so brightly, was able to fall so quickly," read a statement.
Marios Christodoulou, also known as Benny, was handed four life in prison sentences by the Larnaca Criminal Court on Wednesday, after admitting to orchestrating the murder of Phanos Kalopsidiotis, husband Ilias and wife Skevi Hadjiefthimiou, both police officers, and Albanian Yani Vogli, one of the shooters.
If you are from a community surrounding one of the three Village Paint and Design stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area, the answer is easy: It's Benny!
The bulk of the text is written as a manuscript in the first person by protagonist Benjamin (known as Benny).
Chicago's Benny the Bull has decided to hang up his horns for good last season, but the league's mascot duties remain in good hands, as the Orlando Magic's 'Stuff the Magic Dragon' has been recognized as the NBA Mascot of the Year for 2016.