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beod eallum worldwelum gyfylled, "the cities are filled with all the worldly wealth" (54).
Ne sceal peah nan man wenan paet aealla pa pe on helle beod habban gelic wite; ne ealle ba pe on heofenum beod nabbad gelic wuldor.
(12) Pas engla werod beod aeteowde gesewenlice urum gesihdum on to-cyme oaes strecan Deman, ...
pine raedes ne beod noht idon, pe freoliche per halded wid-- purh his Goddcunde-- gode workes wurchen pat lond bid pa murgre.'
Bip paet heafod tohliden, honda toleopode, geaflas toginene, goman toslitene, seonwe beod asogene, sweora bicowen.
Some units who use the SECM (shop equipment, contact maintenance) truck or BEOD (body explosives ordnance disposal) vehicle have reported problems keeping the rear door shut while the vehicle is moving.
Palmgren (1904) relates the vowel of some nominal derivatives to the present tense of strong verbs, as in feminines like drege 'drag-net' ~ dragan 'to drag', masculines like beod 'table, bowl' ~ beodan 'to offer' and neuters like gedeot 'howling' ~ deotan 'to howl'.
Tu beod gemaeccan; sceal wif ond wer in woruld cennan bearn mid gebyrdum.