BEOPBenign Epilepsy with Occipital Paroxysm (neurology)
BEOPBalance at the End of the Period
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Gif mannes getawa beop sare oooe apundene betonican getrifula on wine bepe pa saran stowa and pa apundenan mid py.
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In June 2005 Venerable Beop Jang, head of the largest Buddhist group in the Republic of Korea and the current chair of the national council on religious leaders in that country, traveled to Pyongyang to mark the fifth anniversary of the Inter-Korean summit.
Swa bip sae smilte, ponne hy wind ne weceb; swa beop beoda gepwaere, ponne hy gepingad habbao, gesittao him on gesundum pingum, and ponne mid gesipum healdap cene men gecynde rice.
Maneze beop peah azper ze full apele ze full welize and beop peah full unrote (Boethius xxxviii.