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BEOSBe Operating System
BEOSBlue Eyed Operating System
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Now the BeOS software modem solution responds to both the growing public interest in creating a multimedia workstation with an ordinary, low-cost desktop PC as well as the market demands of offering price competitive Internet appliances.
BeOS claims there are now over 1,000 applications available for BeOS.
Additional information on Be and BeOS is available online at http://www.
VideoShop(TM), Strata's highly popular nonlinear editing package, is also being ported to BeOS.
Be and BeOS are trademarks or registered trademarks of Be, Inc.
We are very pleased to partner with BeatWare, a leader of software development on the BeOS platform and recognized for the quality of its products," said David Dupouy, President and CEO of Sensiva, Inc.
e-Picture, which requires the BeOS Release 4 or better, will be available in May, 1999, for an estimated street price of $149.
The European arm of Fujitsu Ltd is to ship multimedia PCs pre-installed with both Be Inc's BeOS and Microsoft Windows 98, aimed at the PowerPC/PowerMac markets.
In fact, we're doing our best to let other browsers - BeOS versions of Opera and Mozilla, to name two - flourish on the BeOS platform without playing games with OS features, or with commercial relationships.
has just released the eagerly awaited upgrade to its award-winning BeatWare Mail-It(TM), a powerful e-mail application for the BeOS.
Be Incorporated (Nasdaq:BEOS), the creator of the BeIA and BeOS operating systems, today announced it has received notification from the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
Unfazed by asking users to pay $35 for what Microsoft and Netscape supply free, Opera is now working to extend its user base which it puts at 600,000 by producing versions for Macs, OS/2, Linux, BeOS and Psion.