BEOTBladder Epithelial Oxygen Tension
BEOTBenign Epithelial Ovarian Tumors
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For instance, in (9a) above, He beot his breost: "he beat his breast", the end-point for the action of beating is guaranteed by the presence of the object breost ('breast') which represents the caused location.
Ne murn dhu for dhi mece; dhe weardh madhma cyst gifedhe to geoce, mid dhy dhu Gudhhere scealt beot forbigan.
Yet the simple beot (18 occ.) is found ~disproportionately freq.
Metathesised forms in both texts amount to around 30% in Langland (7 cases of permanent and 5 cases of sporadic metathesis in the total of 34 items), while in Robert of Gloucester the proportion is higher (11 metathetic forms, including 5 instances of permanent metathesis) in 24 forms potentially subject to metathesis; cf: 19) (a) He beot so pe Boyes he barst neih heore Ribbes (A.
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