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BEPBrevet d’Études Professionnelles (French: Professional Patent Studies)
BEPBlack Eyed Peas (band)
BEPBreak-Even Point
BEPBit Error Probability
BEPBuilding Entrance Protector (electrical engineering)
BEPBest Efficiency Point (centrifugal pumps)
BEPBusiness Entry Point
BEPBlackeyed Peas
BEPBureau of Engraving & Printing
BEPBrevet d'Enseignement Professionnel (French: Professional Teaching Certificate)
BEPBureau of Employment Programs (West Virginia)
BEPBuilding Emergency Plan
BEPBlack Employment Program
BEPParty for Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (Suriname)
BEPBeam Equivalent Pressure
BEPBasic Engineering Package
BEPBorder Ecology Project (Bisbee, AZ)
BEPBiosecurity Engagement Program (US Department of State)
BEPBis 2-Ethylhexyl phthalate
BEPBusiness Enterprise Priority
BEPBiomolecular Engineering Programme
BEPBuilding Envelopes Program (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
BEPBio-Energetic Practitioner
BEPBenefits Equalization Plan
BEPBoiler External Piping
BEPBusiness Enterprise Program Act
BEPBest Environmental Practise
BEPBoth Ends Plain
BEPBiologie et Evolution des Plantes (French: Biology and Evolution of Plants; University of Montpellier; France)
BEPBudget Execution Plan
BEPBasic Execution Plan
BEPBachelor of Engineering Physics
BEPBusiness Express Program (Canada)
BEPBureau of Energy Programs (Massachusetts)
BEPBio-Energy Partners
BEPBest Estimated Position
BEPBusiness Engineering Partnership
BEPBacterial Enteric Pathogen
BEPBalanced Electrode Plane (electronics)
BEPBusiness English Pod
BEPBusiness Event Processing (software)
BEPBachelier en Éducation Physique (Bachelor of Physical Education)
BEPBiomedical Engineering Program (various schools)
BEPBasic Education Programme (various locations)
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7 cents to slightly over 4 cents, according to BEP.
Since its first closing in August 2011, BEP has already committed more than $965 million in six investments and is actively evaluating a sizeable and diverse backlog of proprietary investment opportunities.
Following is a list of LWIB grant recipients and their BEP projects.
BEP publishes 10 other online legal journals including "International Commentary on Evidence," "Global Jurist," "Asian Journal of Comparative Law," "Issues in Legal Scholarship" and "Journal of Tort Law.
To kick-off the program in the additional counties, Business Enhancement Seminars will be held to explain BEP, the various business assistance programs offered by state, county and local governments, and the utility programs.
Utilizing IEVM's EcaFlo[R] equipment to produce Excelyte(TM), BEP will be able to provide a better, non-hazardous, treatment for both the 'makeup water' used in fracturing fluids and the produced water," said Wayne Kinsey, Benchmark's President.
BEP was established last year by more than 300 schools to secure a strong academic, social and civic education for every child and young person living in Birmingham.
BEP recently achieved significant milestones in currency design and production with the integration of color and cutting-edge security technology.
Myfyrwyr o'r Clwb Sadwrn Ford diweddaraf gyda'u tystysgrifau a'r gwahoddedigion Andrew Price, Ford BEP, a Sue Boorman a Dickie Davis o Lywodraeth Cymru, canol
The BEP will be owned by its members and will work in partnership with the city council.
BEP describes the new title as the first journal to address the broad scope of all technologies and their impact on the environment, society, and humanity in general.
The BEP and the Fed are planning an extensive public education effort aimed at financial institutions, law enforcement, retail and vending industries and the general public to encourage familiarity with the redesigned currency.