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BEPABureau of European Policy Advisers (European Commission)
BEPABrevet d'Enseignement Professionnel Agricole (French: Certificate of Professional Agricultural Education; vocational degree)
BEPABetula Papyrifera (paper birch)
BEPABusiness Emergency Planning Association
BEPABoletim Epidemiologico Paulista
BEPABritish Edible Pulse Association
BEPABritish Egg Products Association
BEPABiodiversity Education and Public Awareness
BEPABureau for Economic Policy and Analysis (South Africa)
BEPABulgarian European Partnership Association
BEPABalochistan Environmental Protection Agency
BEPABusiness Education Partnership Advocate
BEPABioengineering Postdoc Association
BEPABike-Commuters of the Environmental Protection Agency
BEPABasic Environmental Policy Act
BEPABasic Environmental Protection Act
BEPABureau Européen de Prévoyance et d'Assurance (French: European Retirement and Insurance Office)
BEPABald Eagle Protection Act of 1940
BEPABritish European Potato Association
BEPABoston Elementary Principals Association
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Additionally, he requested BEPA that a project of such international and national importance must be monitored diligently to ensure compliance in all respects.A representative of the Balochistan Forest Department urged that all efforts must be made to ensure protection of the Juniper Trees of the province that serve important ecological and economic functions.
BEPA president Zen Hirschfield said the National Arts Counci would advocate for the arts prosperity.
A recent survey by BEPA and the RTA found the local buses unfit and not environment friendly.
Sources also expressed reservation over the capacity of Bepa carrying out inspection of installations on its own when the spill had affected not only shared waters of Sindh and Balochistan but also involved issues of maritime security.
"Before [Hodmedod] existed, the only UK market [for fava beans] was for cattle or fish feed," says the president of Bepa, Franek Smith.
Two periods were considered: before the creation of marine EPAs (BEPA) comprising the years 2005-2008 and after the creation (AEPA) including 2010 to 2012.
Hoy en dia, el paradigma esta cambiando y los policy makers europeos han intentado definir y promover el concepto de <<innovacion social>> (BEPA, 2010).
(20) Bepa [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII [Vera Poloskova and Arman Bekenov in the Interactive Show "Society of Anonymous Artists"], Theatre Joseph Beuys, accessed August 29,2013,
"This is an extraordinary day for the global Beans, Peas & Lentils (Pulse) industry," declared Andy Bury, President of the British Edible Pulse Association (BEPA).
The high quality analytical equipment which included gravimeter, particulate matter Anderson apparatus, noise level measuring equipment, gas measuring devices, pH and turbidity meter etc from Baluchistan Environmental Protection (BEPA) was mobilized and used at all three sites to find out the effects
"It felt great, and weird, to have my ideas listened to and see them carry through to the published magazine." Nia is a massage therapist who with husband Mark recently had a son, Sam, who gets to play with Nonna Nancy, Bepa Joe, and Auntie Mavis in the Bay area of California.