BEPCBasin Electric Power Cooperative
BEPCBeijing Electron Positron Collider (China)
BEPCBrevet d'Etudes du Premier Cycle (French School Exam)
BEPCBulgarian Export Promotion Centre
BEPCBureau of Entomology and Pest Control
BEPCBank Equity Purchasing Corporation (Japan)
BEPCBahrain Environmental Protection Committee
BEPCBase d’Essais de la Petite Ceinture (France)
BEPCBeijing Electric Power College (China)
BEPCBlack Employees Program Council
BEPCBoeing Employees' Parapsychology Club (Kent, WA)
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BEPC trainer and facilitator John Tredget puts a major part of the programme's success down to its format.
In creating BEPC, BOMA and CCI have eliminated many of the common barriers to energy efficiency retrofits.
The benefits of BEPC are significant compared to previous energy performance contracting previously offered:
The BEPC and supporting documents include a variety of information, including advice on best practices in project development and execution, a series of model documents that can be used to streamline the project development process and a number of additional resources that can be accessed for assistance in executing an energy efficiency project.
This qualification has been assigned to the category of no qualifications' in tables 1, 2, 3, but in table 1, where a distinction is made between no vocational or educational qualifications' and 'some educational qualificiations', the BEPC has been assigned to the latter category.
In a departure from the more traditional performance contacting practices provided by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), the BEPC model does not necessarily require contractors to provide performance guarantees, an approach that offers flexibility to owners of investment-grade office buildings.
The BEPC model also takes a more flexible approach to M&V (measurement and verification) through the option of separate, standalone M&V agreements.
BEPC also facilitates financing by integrating the Investor Confidence Project (ICP), whose best practices help ensure that energy retrofits perform as expected and thus are attractive to lenders.
More than 4,500 people have benefited from BEPC and its online counterpart since its launch five years ago.
Professor Jones said: "Everyone involved with BEPC has worked tirelessly to develop this programme, and we intend to keep improving it so that more people with bipolar disorder can benefit from it and hopefully enjoy a better quality of life.
To find out more about BEPC, including upcoming courses in your area, online resources and how to book a place, visit www.
The BEPC model creates a mechanism that allows owners to more easily and quickly undertake retrofit projects that have significant financial and environmental benefits.