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BepiColombo was named after the late Guiseppe "Bepi" Colombo, an Italian scientist and engineer who played a leading role in the 1974 Mariner 10 mission to Mercury.
The BEPI said support for the plan appeared to increase with age and income.
BEPI is a voluntary environmental initiative by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), which focuses on trade policy and global supply chain compliance to an existing social compliance program, Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which has been in place for 12 years.
At a party, Bepi actively engages Shun Li in a conversation by reintroducing himself as a Yugoslavian immigrant and comparing their common Communist backgrounds.
For example, Tullio da Albissola, Torido and Bepi Mazzotti, Tullio Mazzotti worked with Nicolaj Diulgheroff, Lucio Fontana and Alessandro Mendini.
El nen esta buscant el bepi (the kid is looking for bepi) / El bepi es de color groc (The bepi is yellow)/ Els nens portaran el bepi a l'altra habitacio (The kids will bring the bepi to the other room)
The poet, Bepi, is played by veteran Croatian actor Rode Serbedzija: having immigrated to Italy himself long ago, Bepi is the only local who sympothises with Shun Li.
Drivers like Giuseppe (pictured), who is affectionately known as Bepi and is sometimes referred to as "the Count" because of his charm and elegant appearance.
Summary: ESA's Bepi Colombo, the dual spacecraft mission to Mercury, is set to be one of the most challenging ever decided.
Lee Rennick, Kim Sadler, Linda Gilbert, and Leigh Gostowski, BEPI Foundation Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce (LR), Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee (KS, LG, LG).
Uncle Bepi came to a semi-suicidal end when attacked by his pet bear.