BePoBereitschaftspolizei (German: Riot Police)
BePoBase Emergency Preparedness Orientation (US DoD)
BePoBritish Experimental Pile O
BePoBusiness Environmental Performance Office (Canada)
BePoBritish Experimental Pile Operation
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Aristodes Ruaro, deputy administrator of POEA presented the award to Governor Edgar Chatto and BEPO head Vilma Yorong during Monday's flag ceremony at the Bohol Capitol grounds.
Queria a Bepo y no le gustaba que se sintiera desgraciado." No le gustaba que estuviera tan triste.
Throwing light on his visit to the Kumsimoa Bepo Shelter belt forest reserve in the Bokor community at New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region, Mr.
Its seven other products treat a range of conditions including depression, chronic pain and contraceptionall areas where MedinCells patented BEPO technology is likely to change conditions fundamentally.
The 1st is the recognition BDM level Silver (even Gold) and the achievement of a high level of environmental energy performance (BEPOS Effinergie).
The computer hard-ware maintenance group includes a branch in Nuneaton - formerly Warwick Bepos, which was bought in 1996 for Pounds 500,000.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 36 homes certified bepos effinergie- assivhaus in reichstett
Contract notice: commune of cintegabelle construction of a college bepos 400 and 3 residences of function
Design contest notice : Project management competition for the construction of a new school and extracurricular group, BEPOS, in Baume-les-Dames
Contract notice: Project management competition for the construction of a new school and after-school group, bepos, in baume les dames
Contract notice: the subject of this contract is the construction, on the site of the current elementary school, of a school complex and a peri / extra-curricular reception with a bepos 2017 label.