BePoBereitschaftspolizei (German: Riot Police)
BePoBase Emergency Preparedness Orientation (US DoD)
BePoBritish Experimental Pile O
BePoBusiness Environmental Performance Office (Canada)
BePoBritish Experimental Pile Operation
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He brought this program to Bohol with the institutionalization of the BEPO and the OFW help desk.
Short description: Center town MONTFERRAND-LE-CHATEAU: Construction of a school, a socio-cultural hall BEPOS (positive energy building) and rehabilitation of municipal buildings
The mission entrusted corresponds to the basic mop law mission with exe completed by the opc and a mission of studies specific to bepos buildings.
The energy performance of the building will be at least BEPOS level.
The energy performance targeted is: Bepos Effinergie 2017 which includes the Thermal Regulation (Rt) in force as well as the minimum requirements related to the regulatory framework E + C.
53 dwellings in BIM + level BEPOS + an early childhood equipment and a trade for lot C1; 120 dwellings for lot C2.
The school group will be carried out according to a BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach and a BEPOS energy performance level is sought.