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BEPSBrevet Européen de Premiers Secours (French: European Patent First Aid)
BEPSBasic Education and Policy Support
BEPSBioenvironmental Polymer Society
BEPSBasic Earnings Per Share
BEPSBuilding Energy Performance Standards
BEPSBoeing Employees' Photographic Society (Kent, WA)
BEPSBishop Eustace Preparatory School (Pennsauken, New Jersey)
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Now that the BEPS process is complete, the government will continue to work with the G20 and other international partners to take forward the recommendations.
So the OECD launched its BEPS project, which seeks to punish companies and low-tax nations to reward bloated welfare states struggling to confiscate more and more wealth.
With countries in the region having significantly lower effective tax rates compared to OECD countries, the BEPS initiative is likely to see some friction between tax administrations seeking to assert their right to capture the appropriate amount of taxation that a multinational should bear in each tax jurisdiction, with developed countries reserving their right to tax income that may currently be declared in a lower tax environment.
The template clearly constitutes one of the most critical elements of the overall BEPS initiative, and there is a consensus within the tax community that it is not an overstatement to say that country-by-country reporting is a game changer for multinational companies.
A decade prior, only a few jurisdictions had formal transfer pricing documentation rules in place, as compared to more than 60 countries today [KPMG 2014], The OECD's BEPS project is in many ways a culmination of those efforts.
I was actually at a tax conference in Singapore last week, and all the attendees there were very concerned about BEPS and are monitoring its potential impact very closely.
He said BEPS was aimed at assuring multinational firms that they were not going to be double-taxed, while ensuring "they understand that they have to contribute, that their fair share has to be put on the table".
8) In the long run, the international consensus is dead, and everyone knows it; but BEPS has to be tried and allowed to fail first.
Even though BEPS notes that corporate tax revenues have trended higher, it calls for dramatic changes in corporate tax policy based on the presumption that governments are not seizing enough revenue from multinational companies.
The BEPS (Banking Environment and Performance Survey) was based on a random sample of 423 banks in 20 countries {with an over sampling of banks in the smaller countries and also in Russia).