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BERABritish Educational Research Association
BERABiomass Energy Research Association
BERABrainstem Evoked Response Audiometry
BERABaseline Ecological Risk Assessment
BERABerkeley Economic Research Associates
BERABranford Electric Railway Association
BERABrookhaven Employees Recreation Association
BERABald Eagle Repeater Association
BERABerkeley Election Reform Act
BERABayer Employees Recreation Association
BERABit-Error Rate Analysis
BERABonaly Estate Residents Association
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I'm at The Red Cow to talk to Bera about the popularity of Desi pubs in the Midlands - old British pubs which are serving up Punjabi 'Desi' grub.
If Bera and other young planners push the "not your father's planner line" heavily, it's because it resonates with an audience that's skeptical of traditional financial advisers and, in any case, wouldn't get much personalized attention from most of them.
Bera said: Americas veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our Country and we have a solemn duty to fulfill our promises to them.
She explained that BERA employees decided to offer a helping hand because they always viewed themselves as part of the community of Lobatse since they started operating in the town in 2017.
They said there were 15,000 artisans, who earned their livelihood by making these handicrafts, and Bera adapted to the new ways of working towards presenting these products, passed on from generations to generations, in a professional manner.
Though Bera was arrested shortly, the other two managed to flee the scene.
Bera the One-Headed Troll is a full-color graphic novel for all ages, about a humble, one-headed troll content with tending her island pumpkin patch, until she unexpectedly rescues a human baby.
Salmon is joined by Congressman Ami Bera, the only Indian- American lawmaker in the current Congress, co-chair Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans; Ed Royce, chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee; Elliot Engel, Brad Sherman, George Holding, Derek Kilmer, Dana Rohrabacher and Scott DesJarlais.
Ami Bera, a Democrat from Sacramento, California, backed Obama's trade legislation in the summer, and reaped rewards for it.
The member of the Political Bureau of the PUK, Saadi Ahmed Bera said in a press statement that his party crystallized a project for political reforms in the region and would present it to political parties in the coming few days, adding that the aim of the project is to achieve national reconciliation between the political parties.
wealth management division: Barry Schneider, Chris Bera and Chris Dewhurst, who have managed about $750 million in client assets.
(4) IHS programs have evolved from early behavioural observation techniques to sophisticated, screening technologies relying on physiologic measurements, such as oto- acoustic emissions (OAEs) and brainstem responses evoke audiometry (BERA) (Diefendorf, 2002:469; Northern & Downs, 2002).