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Berdan said they initiated a signature drive to raise their concerns even before the law was passed but these were not considered.
The protracted Berdan Firearms litigation, that eventually led all the way to the Supreme Court (6), arose from government infringement of a patent during that effort.
inventor Hiram Berdan developed a simple cup containing an explosive mix that was seated in a cartridge case having a complementing pocket configuration.
After a prolonged fight with the Ordnance Department, however, Berdan succeeded in procuring Sharps rifles for his men.
"In the case of a suburban church, it could be demolition and rebuilding a commercial structure on the site," Berdan says.
"We're breathing a little easier, but we're still holding our breath a fair amount until November 7." In a public letter during the weekend, Texas Health Resources Chief Executive Barclay Berdan acknowledged that Texas Health Presbyterian, where Duncan first went, made mistakes, including initially not diagnosing him with Ebola.
Canada-based D+H is getting to know its new clients better by formalizing a program of interaction with credit union CEOs, said Tom Berdan, UltraData's veteran vice president of market development.
Don Berdan after coming on board as a partner in 1996.
The students who received 500 points by answering all the questions on the SBS exam correctly are Zehra BetE-l E[currency]en, EylE-l Tiftikci, Eda Ertav, yrem Tellioy-lu, Meram DiltaE-, Emir Hyfsy Euztaprak, Ecay-lan Turgut, Taryk Berdan KE[micro]roy-lu, Arda Tibet Kaya, BE-E-ra Erol, yhsan Uyan, Mustafa Yylmaz, Bora Demiral, GE[micro]khan Yavuz Bayram, AyE-e Esin Gezer, Lara Euzden, Burak Kn BaE-ar.
Ciprian Berdan, 44, of Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, given a community order with a supervision requirement and 60 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay PS145 costs for theft.