BERECBody of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (EU)
BERECBritish Ever Ready Export Company (batteries)
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Prioritisation might also be required for rail passenger communications, but network neutrality is again inapplicable under BEREC Guidelines (BEREC, 2016) because the EU net neutrality Regulation "does not cover providers of electronic communication services or communication networks that are not publicly available.
The specific knowledge of BEREC will help to implement the European Digital Agenda and eliminate remaining obstacles for cross-border telecommunication services for European businesses and citizens.
BEREC (2016): High-level Opinion on the European Commission's proposals for a review of the electronic communications Framework, BoR (16) 213, November.
MEPs criticised BEREC for its shortcomings in budgetary management and planning, weaknesses that resulted in significant carryovers from 2012 to 2013.
BEREC (2011) is reporting cost savings calculations conducted by Vodafone, which range from 10% to 40% depending on the degree and level of sharing.
53) Questions of legal certainty are further compromised by the very vague standard of deference found in the expression "take the utmost account" used under the Regulatory Framework to explain how NRAs must react to Commission guidance and how the Commission should react to the proposals of BEREC (and vice versa).
BEREC believes that the tendency toward ever narrower oligopolies can be attributed to the growing trend of consolidation in the fixed and mobile network sectors, the technological convergence of IP-based platforms and services, and limited replicability when deploying NGA networks.
BEREC has recently published a report on this matter, and I think this provides a good starting point for the debate we need to have.
It seems that some NRAs have chosen to interpret them very narrowly along BEREC Guidelines.
The College of Commissioners will adopt the final proposal by 15 December 2016, following feedback from BEREC (Body of European Regulators in Electronic Communications), Member States and all interested parties.
This timeframe was confirmed on 6 March in Brussels by BEREC Chair Goran Marby.