BERLBurst Error Length
BERLBusiness and Economic Research, Ltd. (New Zealand)
BERLBurner Engineering Research Laboratory (Livermore, CA; US Department of Energy)
BERLBuilding Energy Research Laboratory (est. 1979; University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA)
BERLBilaterally Equally Reactive to Light
BERLBit Error Rate - Low (Telabs)
BERLBritish Electrical Repairs Limited
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ENDNOTES: (1) See Schubert, "Berl. Klassikertexte" v.
The animals, 48 of them snow geese and three Ross' geese, fell within a 100-yard radius, Berl said. 
All three men were pilots, although Berl, who was reportedly flying the plane at the time, is described in one suit as lacking "the necessary qualifications, skill, competence, and general suitability" to manage the aircraft.
"He went into hiding and survived," Suleiman says, "and he never really expressed regret." She describes an interview after the war in which Berl said he, too, had been "against having all these foreigners in France.
Last year, there were 52,584 RNs and ENs practising in New Zealand, which is ahead of all the scenarios BERL modelled for the Nursing Council.
Il a ajoute que [beaucoup moins que] trois ressortissants americains, Alan David Purwin, Jimmy Lee Garlan y Carlos Berl [beaucoup plus grand que], qui [beaucoup moins que] semblent faire partie de l'equipe de production du film [beaucoup plus grand que], se trouvaient a bord du petit avion.
In 2008, then Minister of Welfare and current head of Labor Yitzchak Herzog called polygamy "an epidemic," and Farouk Amrur, chairman of the Beit Berl Jewish-Arab Institute, admitted the government has not dealt with the issue because "it fears confrontation with Bedouin society, even though polygamy is illegal." A government program sought to educate the Bedouin population on the disadvantages of the practice through seminars and therapy sessions.
In The Hundred Names of Darkness, which is set in the crowded alleyways of Nizamuddin, the unforgettable cats from the last novel -- Mara, Southpaw, Katar, Berl and Hulo -- are recovering from their fierce battle with the feral cats.
Le grand rabbin de Russie Berl Lazar a remercie Poutine pour ce qu'il a fait pour les Juifs.
In a book based on fieldwork as a gender consultant to a literacy project in rural Nepal funded by World Bank loans, Hertzog (social anthropology, Beit Berl Academic College, Israel) offers a case study and feminist critique of how such development projects meant to empower local women, actually reinforce gender stereotypes and inequality.
Criminally implicated in the death of a patient, Berl surveys his past and the way it has shaped the present: his conventional childhood with careless, nomadic parents; his sexual awakening at age 14 with a much-older aunt; and Dr.