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BERMBiomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
BERMBiological and Environmental Reference Materials
BERMBasin Excess Rainfall Map
BERMBeach Erosion Research and Monitoring (Coastal Carolina University)
BERMBureau of Environmental Regulation and Management (San Francisco, CA)
BERMBit Error Rate Monitor
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The dump truck driver reversed to the area where the rocks were to be dropped but was too close to the edge of a very narrow section of the road, where there was no berm.
The plan will be posted on the EPA Smurfit-Stone website, precipitating a two-week comment period for stakeholders, she said Sparks also reported that after a March 29 walkthrough, officials still aren't overly worried that a flooding Clark Fork River will breach the berms that separate it from sludge ponds at the long-time pulp mill.
The company's consultant said it removed the radioactive material from the berm in the course of taking soil samples.
An interesting feature is that erosion occurred over a short period (about one hour) with a drop of 40 cm of beach level at a berm (the upper diagram).
It was not just the roads, but people also construct these berms connecting their house with the pavements.
Today, ranges are more often partitioned with berms, walls or tunnels separating the firing lines, but the caution still applies.
The head of Telkif municipality, Bashar Kiki, explained that the digging and creating of berms continues in all villages in the area to protect the multi-ethnical components there.
In the first solution, researchers found that two rovers weighing 330 pounds each would take less than six months to build a berm around a landing site to block the sandblasting effect.
But onlookers at Heathrow airport reckoned she looked like Peter Sellers - who when confronted with a bomb in a classic Pink Panther movie famously said: "Special delivery, a berm.
Because the plant is located along the Cedar River's banks, and the company knew that flooding was likely, strategies to lessen damage had been applied to protect the facilities: A dike had been built, floodwater pumps had been installed, and a berm had been added as a natural wall to keep rising waters out.
The military said "coalition forces fired a warning shot into a berm near a suspicious woman who appeared to be signalling to someone while soldiers were in the area.