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BERMSBoreal Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Sites (Canada)
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We are negotiating with the PRPs to continue berm inspection and investigation of the berms on-site.
20 approved a plan by a contractor hired by CWM to cover the 18-inch-thick deposit of radioactive material in the earthen berm surrounding the pond with one foot of clean soil.
Often people think that cementing ' just the berm area' will do no harm to the environment.
I have seen 30-foot pines on the high berm of a police range take a beating.
He said that the county could require that the rear yard berms in Phase 2 could be constructed by the developer since the subdivision had not yet been assumed by the county.
Yet another is application of the berm standard to truck scales that are present at nearly every U.
Their fear increases during funeral gatherings," said Kiki, noting that the berms are being constructed as people feel insufficient security protection in areas belonging to Ninaewa province.
In the first solution, researchers found that two rovers weighing 330 pounds each would take less than six months to build a berm around a landing site to block the sandblasting effect.
Moving sand, excavating dirt and reinforcing berms is what these earthmovers are all about.
Most of the construction will subterranean, either under bedrock or installed berms that will allow Second Avenue to remain open to traffic.
Fuel, brought in from Kuwait and Turkey, is contained in hallow berms lined with plastic sheets underneath huge bladders of fuel that look like dusty waterbeds.
Hybrid designs of infiltration berms, which are gaining popularity throughout the region, allow shallow, relatively narrow level spreader-like devices to be used while still making possible the control of all storm events that might be required by the municipality.