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BERRBusiness, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (UK government department)
BERRBuss Error (CD32 Expansion Port)
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The last I heard from Whitehall was the Coal Liabilities Unit of BERR is now the "responsible" body.
09), Ashok Kumar MP assures us that he has been fighting to save our steel by speaking to ONE North East who were working on a set of "possible suggestions" which would then be communicated to Nick Brown MP, who would then forward them to the Government's business department BERR (whoever they may be).
It seems a shame that the word "Enterprise" appears to have been lost somewhere - having only been introduced into the title of a governmental department just two years ago, following the Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) metamorphosis into BERR.
Consumers who know their rights and are confident enough to exercise them are more likely to engage with shops and spend cash," said a BERR spokeswoman.
Liam Byrne insisted that LDV could survive and said: "I have asked Ministers and officials at BERR to ensure that Government does what it can to ensure that any viable bid reaches a successful conclusion.
Find out how much you are entitled to by using the redundancy calculator on the BERR (Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) website at www.
A BERR spokesman said: "We completely agree that piracy is a very important issue.
CES is a non-profit company, set up with funding from Government department BERR and One NorthEast with support from National Grid Affordable Warmth Project.
He will be joined by senior representatives from organisations such as EDF Energy, BERR, the Nuclear Industry Association, Doosan Babcock Energy, Areva and Costain.
BERR, which is the Arabic acronym for the fund, is an initiative of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) out of its responsibility toward society and its strategy of working with philanthropic partners to improve social conditions in the community.
Those were communicated to Nick Brown and from there to the Government's business department, BERR.
BERR is developing a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) in conjunction with the British Standards Institute (BSI), with the aim of putting together a standard form containing the most common PQQ questions.