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BERRBusiness, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (UK government department)
BERRBuss Error (CD32 Expansion Port)
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In the next few months BERR will look to recruit leading national retailers as partners for the campaign.
But a BERR spokesman said: "The first responsibility for putting the company on a sound footing rests with the current owner and a potential investor.
Al-Mady said that SABIC employees were closely associated with BERR, with more than 4,000 staff members registered with it.
Sutton Coldfield and Matthew Boulton Colleges (which are currently in a strategic partnership) welcomed Peter Davidson, senior innovation adviser for BERR and the DIUS, at a BCI Patrons lunch.
The Government should postpone its proposed changes to business rates until the economy has recovered, ACS CEO James Lowman told Ian Pearson, the BERR Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Economic Secretary to the Treasury.
BERR minister Pat McFadden said: "The Government is determined to crack down on cheats who profit by deception.
In attempting to redouble the data rate to 160 MHz, the VME64X requires special Enhanced Transceiver Logic (ETL) driver/receivers, 5-row connectors and subjects itself to great technical risk by using the positive-going edge of the control signals such as DTACK, DS1, DS0, RTRY and BERR.
This year there are 12 up for grabs, including the BERR Manufacturing Advisory Service Award for Manufacturing Excellence Overall Winner and the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing Award for Manufacturing Excellence in a Best Small or Medium Enterprise.
Given the likelihood that BERR may impose it in the form recommended by the commission, their resistance may seem short-sighted.
A BERR spokesperson added: "We have made it clear to potential investors that once the company is on a sound footing it would be eligible to apply for a range of government support but the first responsibility for putting the company on a sound footing rests with the current owner and a potential investor.
Of the board's 21 members, 15 are civil servants and officials of the Westminster Government, including eight from BERR, two each from the Treasury and Defra, and one each from the Cabinet Office, the Department for Transport and the Department for Communities & Local Government.
BERR is a department that is supposedly Whitehall's champion of regulatory reform, as well as the other ingredients of its acronym, business and enterprise.