BERSABritish Elastic Rope Sports Association
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The Investigation Unit chief itemized the seized items as one Glock .9mm with SN: AADV874; one 380 Bersa with SN C42169; one caliber .9mm Beretta with SN: G72236Z; one caliber .22 rifle without SN; seven pieces short magazine for Glock with 105 live ammos of .9mm; three pieces long magazine for glock with 66 lives ammos for .9mm; 10 magazines for caliber .380 with 70 live ammos for cal .380; three magazines for beretta cal .9mm with 45 lives ammos for .9mm; one beretta suppressor; four magazine pouches; three holsters; 154 pieces live ammunitions of cal .380; and 50 pieces live ammunition for caliber .45.
When I realized the woman wasn't going to pass the course without some adjustment, I stepped into her lane during a reloading break and asked for her Bersa. After checking it to make sure it was unloaded, I picked up her empty magazine and the box of a remaining ammo and set all three on the shooting bench in front of her husband.
That's why I was so excited about this assignment; the Bersa Thunder is a reliable .380 with a Crimson Trace Laser built into the grips.
Bersa's Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro has a name so long it barely fits on the compact pistol's slide.
The Collection comprises numerous bequests from Croatian composers such as: Ivan Zajc, Fran Lhotka, Blagoje Bersa, Bozidar Sirola, Stanislav Preprek, Franjo Stefanovic, Antun Dobronic and fragments of manuscript materials by Johann Petrus Haibel, Fortunat Pintaric, Jakov Gotovac, Branimir Sakac, Vjekoslav Rosenberg-Ruzic, Nikola Strmic, Franji Kuhac and others.
Var hann pa med Saemundi, fostbrodur sinum, par til er peir Pordr Sturluson badu til handa honum Herdisar, dottur Bersa ins audga fra Borg a Myrum.
The duo came from reggae and indie rock backgrounds respectively, but met over a love of cumbia and launched their Bersa Discos label back in Cali in late 2007.
The weapons seized were a Smith and Wesson semiautomatic that did not have a serial number, a Bersa handgun and a .38-caliber special revolver.
Camera (color), Bersa ; editors, Fredrik Abrahamsen, Staffan Elmkvist; music, Rogelio Duran, Hannu Kiviaho, Jose Ramon Gonzalez; sound (stereo), Mario Adamsson.
Operators are not legally obliged to follow any specific guidelines but bungee associations such as Bersa and Ebsa have codes of practice.
In the case of Mother Teresa an Indian woman called Monica Bersa was cured of an abdominal tumour at the hands of the nun, which was enough to see her beatified.