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BERTBit Error Rate Test
BERTBit Error Rate Testing
BERTBidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (language representation model)
BERTBit Error Rate Tester (telecommunication)
BERTBackground Equivalent Radiation Time
BERTBerkeley Reliability Tools
BERTBenicia Emergency Response Team (California)
BERTBranch Effect Reduction Technique
BERTBenefits Election Resource Tool
BERTBusiness and Economic Response Team (Florida)
BERTBroward Emergency Response Team
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Bert Rodgers provides education for real estate professionals headquartered in Sarasota.
She added: "I really believe that even if he didn't shoot, he knows more about that than he's let on." Bert denies the allegations.
Bert has over 25 years' experience in the financial sector in Continental Europe, UK and the Middle East.
Bert was seen in a picture, released by police, cowering in a corner against a wall in Beechwood Avenue, Beechwood, Middlesbrough at 8pm on Monday after youths had set a dog on him.
aFTeR Bert is far from happy about Vikki's clever solution
Bert played in Wrexham's first ever football league match against Hartlepool United in 1921.
Bert Foer started the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) as an entrepreneur, which means he had a new idea and faced long odds against transforming it into reality.
What was memorable about Bert was that he had lots of wonderful dangerous equipment - a red hot fire, anvils and huge drills with overhead fly wheels, cogs and handles.
Sesame Street's Flappy Bert is a similar game with Mario-inspired pipes, only change being the bird, which is latched onto Bert's head and he is the one who is pulling it across town.
Humble Bert, from Bradley, in Bilston, had been the oldest surviving England World Cup player and was capped by his country 24 times - but never forgot his roots.
Manchester City goalie Bert broke his neck during the game at Wembley in 1956 - but miraculously he played the remaining 17 minutes.