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BERUBasic Education Research Unit (est. 1990; Malaysia)
BERUBioenvironmental Engineering Research Unit (Malaysia)
BERUBuilt Environment Research Unit
BERUBanana Emergency Recovery Unit (Saint Lucia)
BERUBlanchard Economic Research Unit (New Orleans, LA)
BERUBehavioral Evaluation and Referral Unit (child learning)
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Bodu Beru is actually is a dance song which starts at a slow tempo and leads to an exciting wild beat.
Beru, ze v Praze mestska policie hlida metro, protoze to je pod jednim mestem, ale nemusi v Kotehulkach hlidat v noci nadrazi akciove autobusove spolecnosti.
Attendees included the creme-de-la-creme in travel of the Indian Ocean region, and entertainment came with compliments of Unoosha - a magnificent singer who mixes traditional Maldivian sounds with modern beats - and local Bodu Beru groups.
ci sa rata z priemernej hodinovej alebo mesacnej mzdy, ci sa do uvahy beru sektory, pracovna pozicia, celkova alebo tarifna mzda, ci je zakladom pre percenta mzda muza alebo zeny a pod.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is equipping its four cylinder engines with BorgWarner BERU Systems new double platinum sparkplugs.
The activities that are part of the deal were acquired by the US company in 2005 as part of its takeover of the BERU diesel cold start and ignition systems business.
The inaugural flight was honoured with a traditional water cannon salute and the 146 passengers were greeted by local Bodu beru (big drum) dancers and singers performing on the tarmac.
Engineering firm Beru F1 Systems is set to expand into the aerospace sector after budget cuts in Formula 1 wiped [pounds sterling]1.
M2 EQUITYBITES-2 March 2010-General Cable acquires ignition wire harnesses maker Beru SAS in France(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Gravelle starsin The Birthday Party Trystan Gravelle, left, with Beru Tessema in Troilus and Cressida
With David Calder (King Lear), Sally Bretton (Goneril), Fraser James (Duke of Albany), Kellie Bright (Regan), Peter Hamilton Dyer (Duke of Cornwall), Jodie McNee (Cordelia), Danny Lee Wynter (Lear's Fool), Kevork Malikyan (Lear's Knight), Paul Copley (Earl of Kent), Joseph Mydell (Earl of Gloucester), Trystan Gravelle (Edgar), Daniel Hawksford (Edmund), Paul Lloyd (Old Man, Doctor, Bedlamite, Knight, Soldier), Kurt Egyiawan (Curran, Bedlamite, Knight, Soldier), Ashley Rolfe (Oswald), Beru Tessema (King of France, Bedlamite, Knight, Soldier), Ben Bishop (Duke of Burgundy, Bedlamite, Knight, Soldier), Pamela Hay (Ballad Singer), Michael Jarvis, Ben Lee, Richard Marshall, and Fabian Spencer (Bedlamites, Knights, Soldiers).
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