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BERUBasic Education Research Unit (est. 1990; Malaysia)
BERUBioenvironmental Engineering Research Unit (Malaysia)
BERUBuilt Environment Research Unit
BERUBanana Emergency Recovery Unit (Saint Lucia)
BERUBlanchard Economic Research Unit (New Orleans, LA)
BERUBehavioral Evaluation and Referral Unit (child learning)
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Police said Beru did odd jobs for survival and often slept at the basement where he was found dead.
Druga je dala dodatnu informaciju koja je odgovarala sadrPaju vizualnog kljuca (>>Unuk je pozvao djeda da zajedno beru Uljive.
"The other ring tailed lemurs in Lemur Land are named Angelina, Julian, Timmy, Beru, Tahiry and Kiki, the youngest, who will be two years old in a couple of weeks.
For those among you who might not share my insensate enthusiasm for Star Wars, Luke returns home to find Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru reduced to skeletal ash at the hands of the evil Empire.
The Anti Terrorist Force (ATF) along with the lady police commandos conducted the operation in Ganju Takar, village Abdul Rehman Shaikh, village Aago Mallah, village Jabal Chutto, village Beru Panhwer, village Kachi and village Allah Bux Brohi.
The crucifixion scene at the end of Life of Brian was shot here but most movie buffs make their way to this desert outpost to see one of its famous troglodyte homes, which doubled as the homestead Luke Skywalker shared with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
The literal meaning of Bodu Beru is "Big Drums" in Dhivehi (local language).
A Royal Marine colonel had me for tea a couple of times in his makeshift bungalow by the local lake, Tasik Beru. My companions and I often swam in this lake, me dog-paddling near a small dock.
Vernacular Habitat No name 1 Mara anabe Tree 2 Henne anabe Branch of tree 3 Beru anabe Soil 4 Huthada anabe Termite mound 5 Thuppada anabe Soil 6 Nayee anabe Humus 7 Chikka anabe Soil 8 Hucha anabe Soil 9 Mara anabe Black soil 10 Kaddi anabe Humus soil 11 Mara anabe Decay wood WGM-Western Ghat Mushroom Table 2.
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