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BESAIBinding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (conference)
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A large proportion of the Iban in the Iban Besai area are later migrants, holding Sarawak Identity Cards.
These north-flowing streams drain into the Wai Besai, a tributary of the Wai Kanan itself a tributary of the Wai Tulangbawang.
He gave seven examples of this "Ibanic" phenomenon: bajalai 'walk', jalai 'path', makai 'eat', datai 'come', terbai 'fly', panjai 'long' and besai 'large.
Rakyat diau sama senang ati The people all live merrily together Musuh nadai agi dikenangi Enemies are no longer remembered (32) Tanah besai alai endur betupi Plenty of land to rear livestock Lantang senang dudi ari So that one day we'll be happy