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They demanded of the administration to share with them details of the plan of establishing a picnic spot atop Besai Baba.
The latest Iban migrants to Merotai occupy the land west of Iban Besai, along the Tawau-Kalabakan Road.
What has made him stay in Merotai is his marriage to his wife who is the ketua kampung of Iban Besai, one of the very few rural women in Sabah to hold an important village position largely held by men.
He alleged that the provincial government was trying to unlawfully take control of Besai Baba in name of establishing a recreation facility there.
He said that local tribesmen would not allow the provincial government to build a picnic spot at Besai Baba hilltop till all the closed crushing units were not revived.
During a visit to Besai hilltop on Jan 16, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Shah Farman had announced the establishment of a tourist centre at the hilltop and construction of a road to it overlooking Hayatabad Township and parts of Jamrud and Bara areas.
They demanded the revival of over 100 stone crushing units at the lap of Besai hill saying the closure of such machines has rendered hundreds of local residents unemployed.
The delegation declared the Besai hilltop a perfect tourism spot and announced building of a road to the resort which overlooked most parts of the Hayatabad Township and parts of Jamrud and Bara.
It was also decided that a massive plantation drive would be launched in the coming season along with establishing of picnic spots at the Besai hills to attract tourists from both Peshawar, Khyber and other parts of the province.
Situated mostly in the lap of Besai Ghar on border with Shahkas area, all these units were shut down immediately after the start of military operations in September 2009 in most parts of Bara.