BESCBioenergy Science Center (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
BESCBlackBerry Expert Support Center (web application)
BESCBelfast E-Science Centre (UK)
BESCBiological and Ecological Sciences Coalition
BESCBasic Electrical Safety Competence
BESCBioenvironmental Science (Texas A&M University)
BESCBanco do Estado de Santa Catarina SA (Santa Catarina State Bank, Brazil)
BESCBiotechnology & Environmental Specialist Consultancy
BESCBetty Ehart Senior Center (Los Alamos, NM)
BESCBMC3 Element Support Center
BESCBoeing Employees' Saddle Club
BESCBachelors of Engineering Science
BESCBrushless Electronic Speed Controller
BESCBeaver Emergency Services Commission (Canada)
BESCBattery Eliminator Speed Controller
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The BESC study focused on Caldicellulosiruptor obsidiansis, a naturally occurring bacterium discovered by BESC scientists in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring.
Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the BESC provided electricity to Barbadians using its financial resources.
Qualitatively, however, 5 of 6 studies measuring HRQL demonstrated statistically and clinically significant improvements in HRQL using the CRQ, (24,26,34) SGRQ, (28) and the BESC.
07 million shares to finance the acquisition, which includes the total capital of BESC, worth BRL411m, and its mortgage subsidiary BESC SA Credito Imobiliario, or Bescri, worth BRL274m.
Tuskan, an ORNL Corporate Fellow, led the sequencing of the genome of Populusa fast-growing perennial tree recognized for its potential in biofuels productionas well as the largest study of natural diversity in poplar trees for BESC.
BESC provided civil, PND provided structural, and RBA provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the project.
Ao inves das privatizacoes convencionais realizadas anteriormente, o governo Lula incorporou ao Banco do Brasil dois bancos estaduais sucateados pelos governos estaduais de Sao Paulo e Santa Catarina (a Nossa Caixa e o BESC, respectivamente).
Concrete decks in BESC are post-tensioned concrete, as such contractor is to have x-rays performed to ensure no tendons or cables are hit in proposed locations for all deck penetrations, including anchor points.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of the BESC #3 cooling tower.
As a founding member of BESC, Ragauskas served as the lead scientist of the Georgia Tech team researching the in-depth cell wall characterization of pretreated switch grass and poplar biomass.