BESDBehavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (UK)
BESDBinomial Effect Size Display
BESDBox Elder School District (Utah)
BESDBecta Educational Software Database (UK)
BESDBlue-Eyes Shining Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh! card)
BESDBurlington-Edison School District (Skagit County, WA)
BESDBasic Enlisted Service Date
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SEC BESD Solar One LLC will receive a $445,280 solar energy program grant for the purchase and installation of a 242 kW solar photovoltaic system for the Bald Eagle/Wingate Elementary School located in Boggs Township.
We illustrate calculation of the BESD using summary statistics from LeCroy (2004).
The point-biserial r is then inserted into each of the following equations to create the 2 x 2 BESD.
The use of the BESD allows the researcher to answer the question: What is the effect of the treatment on success?
Yet, the use of the r-based BESD provides a better framework for interpreting this result.
This would be a great book for those who are new to working with children with BESD, and also as a refresher for those with years of experience.
The BESD statistic addresses the question: What, if any, is the percentage increase in the number of correct predictions about reading ability with a particular measure of perceptual skill?
The display is in BESD format showing the increase in predictive accuracy associated with each perceptual skill in making decisions about reading achievement.
With a BESD interpretation, an assessment of AVI yields an increase in predictive accuracy from 33% to 67% resulting in 34% more correct decisions.
The third phase of action which is still to be considered by Cabinet includes a proposal to replace Westlands School with a new building on the same site, and introduce provision there for students over 16 with BESD.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Mains failure cum restoration alarming panel at different Telephone Exchange under BESD Berhampur.
BESD advises the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Small Enterprise Development Agency on how to develop and implement strategies and concepts, thereby promoting the informal sector%s access to good basic vocational education.