BESLBamberg Engineering Sound Lab (est. 1993; Sandwich, IL)
BESLBrooks Energy and Sustainability Lab
BESLBritish Empire Service League (now Royal Canadian Legion)
BESLBriggs Environmental Services Ltd. (UK)
BESLBangkok Exhibition Services Limited (tradeshow organizer; Bangkok, Thaiand)
BESLBelgian Elite Sports League (online gaming)
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To align these images, contour points of the subject's silhouette in each frame were extracted, and then used to register each successive frame to the first frame using an iterative closest point method (Besl and McKay 1992).
The Iterative Closest Point algorithm also known as Iterative Corresponding Point (Rusinkiewicz & Levoy, 2001) was first introduced by (Zhang, 1992) for registration of free form curves but (Besl & McKay, 1992) has proven that the method is valid also for point sets such as 3D point clouds.
In these studies, the discrete surface of objects is characterized by the local curvature measurement (Besl and Jain, 1986; Stokely and Wu, 1992).
Her pupils all get to sample their own Work when it is served in La Fattoria's sumptuous restaurant alongside the besl local wines available.
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2001, 80, available at besl.htm; Order of June 20, 2002, Stcrt.
Other factors include age (Wooten, Sulzer, & Cornwell, 1994), gender (Eby & Buch, 1995), social support (Caplan, Vinokur, Price, & van Ryn, 1989; Leana & Feldman, 1994; Turner et al., 1991), dependents, financial resources (Leana & Feldman, 1994; Turner et al., 1991), length of notice (Kinicki, Bracker, Kreitner, Lockwood, & Lemak, 1987), skill level (Besl & Kale, 1996), and perceived employment prospects (Gottfredson & Holland, 1990).
Various approaches to this problem have been explored by Besl and Jain (1985); Lowe (2001, 1999); Mamic and Bennamoun (2002); Matas, Burianek, and Kittler (2000); Murase and Nayar (1995); Mikolajczyk and Schmid (2001); Pulli and Shapiro (1996); Schiele and Pentland (1999); Schmid and Mohr (1997); Schmid, Mohr, and Bauckhage (2000); Weiss and Ray (2001); and Yuan and Niemann (2001).
The value & number of each award varies at each university and is besl obtained directly from the University.
These projections are so important, showing the age structure of our population in all counties and regions of the state, that we share two articles on the subject in this issue, The first was written by IBRC demographer, John Besl, who produced the projections and provides a thoughtful overview of the findings.
With: Robert Stadlober, Jana Pallaske, Sabine Berg, Mirko Lang, Steffi Muehlhan, Nadja Bobyleva, Oliver Wolter, Heike Trinker, Michel Besl, Simon Stolberg.