BESOBritish Executive Service Overseas
BESOBilingual Education Student Organization (various universities)
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This local clay was first identified by a BESO Volunteer who also helped increase CTL's tile productivity from 100 to 500 tiles an hour.
Four couples from West Yorkshire, all BESO volunteers, supported the different stages, providing snacks, meals and unfailing encouragement.
The exclusive event took place at the soon to be opened Hollywood restaurant, BESO and showcased the multiple features of this ultra slim device which is available in two color options - slick black and red wine.
They have issued a High Court writ against Besos Concierge - asking for their money back.
The secretary Privatization informed that so far more than three billion rupees have been distributed as dividend among the workers and employees of different units under BESOS scheme, adding that 12 per cent of GOP shares in First Women Bank and Utility Stores Corporation will soon be distributed among the employees and workers under the BESOS scheme.
Alstom designed, built and commissioned Gas Natural Fenosa s Besos and San Roque power plants in 2002, with two 400 MW units and has been responsible for their operations and maintenance up to now.
So far 62000 employees of 16 State Owned Entities have received free of cost 12 % GoP shares of their respective entities under BESOS while dividend amounting to Rs984 million of four entities i.
He also thanked the minister for implementing BESOS and hoped it would not only increase employee goodwill and stake in the company but also result in improved performance.
Heralded (curiously in its own publicity) as the Manchester of Catalonia--'a city that never stops'--current plans focus on Barcelona as the city between two rivers: the Llobregat to the south, where significant port and airport expansion programmes are proposed, and the Besos to the north.
ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) is currently building three CCGT plants in the peninsular system - Besos (Barcelona), San Roque (Cadiz) and Tarragona - with a total capacity of 1,200 MW and which will become operational before August 2003.
The Secretary Privatization Commission gave a detailed presentation to the participants highlighting the BESOS objectives, salient features, issues in implementation and recommendations.
The Forum area will develop in the northern Barcelona waterfront, where the main city road artery Via Diagonal will end and the river Besos emerge.