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BESOMBrookhaven Energy System Optimization Model
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A tree surgeon by trade, in recent years he has turned his hand to besoms, the traditional twig broom that is now favoured by gardeners for sweeping leaves from their lawns.
Meanwhile, there is Qaiser sweeping away off Tariq Road with two besoms making more of a mess than what he had started with.
Waugh's Besom Ben stories and Brierley's Ab-o'th'-Yate sketches also participate in this practice of obscuring the laboring working-class woman.
(13) A "besom" was a bundle of rods used for punishment; the term was also used as a contemptuous word for a low woman.
To get the lawn ready for spring, rake up any dead leaves and sweep any worm casts with besom. Check to see if the mower needs a service and whether the blades need a sharpen.
27, 34); Ionides corrects her by explaining that she merely has to carry the sacred besom in processions (p.
It dawned on her that her 11-year-old son Bill had been playing with her mobile and the cheeky wee besom had recorded himself and made it the ringtone.
5: In which sport are the terms besom, button, hog and house used?
Though only three miles away, this displacement meant a loss of place, "Green fields and every pleasant place," "places known so long": I miss the heath, its yellow furze Molehills and rabbit tracks that lead Through besom ling and teasel burrs That spread a wilderness indeed
Davenport unlocks his word hoard--peering through cracks, we have already seen hints of its riches: chirr, besom, peplum, and pinguid.
Speakers: Shawn Good, PE, LC, LEED and Benjamin Besom, EIT, LC, Brinjac Engineering.